17 July, 2013

Pop cows

It is school holidays and I am knee deep in kids, some not my own, but I have discovered the key to happy kids is a combination of various factors:

  • multiples work well together..the more, the merrier.
  • exhaust them, physically and mentally
  • make sure they eat breakfast (seriously)
  • introduce fun elements into their day
  • say "yes" when they expect "no"
  • do not discount old favourite like libraries, swimming pools and playgrounds as options
  • have an incredible stash of sweets that you offer as reward for good behaviour
  • ignore the bad, keep focussing on the good
  • playdates...make them in advance
  • earplugs
So, I am frequently interrupted and have to work from the home studio at the moment. I am experimenting with acrylics.....sounds tame but it has it's challenges and I am working through them. Inspired by Warhol and the vibrant colours.I like painting multiples of things...I am just changing the format a bit,playing around.

Pop cows
acrylic on canvas
450mm x 600mm

available on my website

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