07 September, 2013

Playing with presents, cat as a paperweight and more nocturnes

Wow, that titles makes me sound a little more out there than usual

First photos are of some of the fun starts I have made in inks. My boys bought me a few colours extra colours, two shades of green and violet. I am really enjoying getting to work out how I can work with inks and incorporate them into my paintings.

They remind me of the gorgeous silk fabrics my mother used to by on trips to the orient.

This is Fang, the cat. Not my cat, THE CAT.We have an uneasy truce. I feed him and stop the dogs harassing him and in return, he does not rake my ankles or give me frights. Fair deal.

He has found a sunny spot in the studio, next the window. I know that look. I am beat.I shall have to find another place for the paintings!!!

beach camping
oil on canvas board

 Nocturne: The rising moon over Vinyard at the foot of the mountain

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  1. Ooh, I like those colours. And that cat is cute too. ;)


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