04 December, 2013

Giving thanks for a rainy day.

Summer clearly did not get the memo and is dragging her heels at the moment. Perhaps she is detained elsewhere, but I think late arrivals are diva behaviour….and rude. It is cold, wet and quite revolting.

Grumpy much?

So, today I did my accounts (dispairingly) and then painted. Naturally, that was a disaster. How anyone can mix worry about money with creative pursuits is a mystery to me.

So, I turned to my music collection and asked for inspiration……..and started again. Deep breaths, just in and out, getting into the zone, just painting for myself, muttering under my breath words of encouragement to the artist within who is clearly out of sorts...…be kind, mix well, adjust values, keep going, lovely, now more, what else, adjust,breathe.

And I love it.

Thank you, universe.


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