23 May, 2015

The Glassmaker and the Painter

So, the thing is done. We have exhibited .

Working with Di Tocker( the glassmaker) has been a total pleasure. I am seriously genuine ( sounds fake, hey) when I say that but she is all things that the stereotypical artist is not: Organised, ordered, practical, measured and punctual.
To work with her is to be calm and relaxed.  She is the embodiment of the phrase" work smarter, not harder".

With the help of the incredible curator emily Rumney, we whipped the exhibition into shape in a day.

Would you like to see?


  1. Wow...that all looks amazing! And if the number of red dots is anything to go by lots of other people thought so too! Congratulations Jennie, great job :)

  2. My source tells me that your work has measles . . . most pieces have red dots!

    1. It was an epidemic! lol! I was delighted with the dots! I sold over half the collection on the opening night!

    2. Viral ! You gone viral Jen.

    3. Viral ! You gone viral Jen.
      Whoop !

  3. My source tells me that your work has measles . . . most pieces have red spots!


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