27 July, 2010

The start of the portraits

I struggle with portraits and the idea of a likeness.In saying that, I have been reading voraciously on the subject and have decided to forge ahead using a few tips and techniques learned from others. Primarily, I am forgetting about a likeness and trying to translate an atmosphere and find my portrait style.I have a few images from artists I admire around me and consult them from time to time.Have I learned anything over the past few days of painting portraits? Yes.Is it painfull? Yes! I have wiped as many boards clean as I have painted and then some, but with each effort I am getting closer to my painter "voice", my style.Still,no likeness yet......!

My apologies for the bloom,gloss, shine and general shabbiness of the photos.I am trying to document the paintings whilst still wet, it's raining outside so my usual spot for photography is waterlogged.sigh. This too shall pass.....

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