24 June, 2012

Food for thought

I am inspired by many things in my daily life. I don't mean that to sound all artsy fartsy and twee, but I feel I need to explain myself. I drive a lot as a mother !!! When I see something that appeals to me, I pull over and take a reference photo or two. Often I forget I have the camera in my lap, leap out of the car and the camera goes flying, hence the damage and the tape holding it together!
Today I was inspired by the fish on ice in the supermarket. They were fresh , bright eyed and beautiful! I asked permission to take some photos and voila, I have my inspiration for my next few paintings! I like to ask because people taking photos of fish a supermarket can get you thrown in the loony bin. True story.
I see inspiration everywhere. Sometimes it's the composition, other times the light, perhaps the color or the subject. But mostly, it is the ordinary that I love to highlight to show how extraordinary it actually is.
Oil on primed Masonite board

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  1. I'm feasting, I'm feasting . . . feasting my eyes on this fabulous painting.


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