17 June, 2012


I am pausing for a few weeks to concentrate on my latest commitment. I am volunteering with Refugee support services to help settle and befriend a Burmese refugee family. With the kind help of my friends and community we furnished a house!!!! I will be very busy for the next month assisting them get settled into various schools and finding their way around and introducing them to a very different culture and learning about their culture and ways. But art will not be far from my mind and I have secret plans and clever tricks.

Yesterday, Julius and I indulged in a little sidewalk color-play with cornflour and food coloring. It was fun!!!

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  1. Sounds an interesting and very worthwhile thing to be doing...a bit fun too?! Enjoy your pause...even your Autumn/Winter weather looks so much nicer than summer here, I love your sidewalk paintings...


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