14 August, 2012

Jealous cows

My husband , Charles, has departed on his 6 week adventure to the USA today. He and his mate Dave are riding their motorbikes off-road from Arkansas to Oregon on a trail called the Trans America trail(TAT). What an adventure! I am so jealous of his experience but motorbikes are not really my thing, so I am jealous in a supportive way! You can follow their journey on his blog www.daveandcharles.blogspot.com

This journey has been a year in the planning and there has been a LOT of talk about it. Still, It feels strange to sit in a quiet house, devoid of all the motorbike paraphernalia . I am wondering what MY next adventure should be.....but I will wait till he is back!

Till then, I shall paint . I know I said no more cows but they make me happy and allow me to play with new ways of painting. The subject matter is now moot and I am enjoying experimenting with different paints and effects.

Acrylic on stretched canvas

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