22 May, 2012

Morning light with cows

The dreaded lurgy is still in the house! Poor kids, poor me!!!!! I have cabin fever( we cannot, as a collective, move more than 20 steps from a toilet!!!!) and the weather has been just perfect to go painting outdoors . Cruel.

Anyway, I have managed a bit of painting in between my Florence nightingale duties.

I took the reference photo at the start of autumn. The Morning mists and soft light were very pretty and I loved that the cows were laying down in the sunbeams.

I want to use more paint when I paint. I find I can become a veritable water colorist with the amount of turps I use sometime. Time to get gutsy and ladle it on. So, I am squeezing out an inordinately greedy amount of paint into my palette and hoping my " waste not, want not" instinct takes over and I use it all! No saving it, either!!!!! And I might even start with a very small, say 6x8 " canvas as an added incentive.


  1. I think you spilt some of that spare paint on the clouds tonight - Andre & i noticed as we were bike/walking down the road this evening. They were pink, just like you paint, you messy thing you!


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