07 May, 2012

Out to paint

Today is blustery, overcast, not hot, not cold.....very much a nowhere day. The sky changes quickly, sun bursts through then is gone again. Long shadows , then no shadows, then strong light......my shattered nerves! Trying to paint today has been an excecise in adaptation.

Went to visit my mate Lee who is sick. I dropped off some throat pastilles( the ones that completely anesthetize your throat and tongue but at least there is no pain!) and commiserate ...... and look at her view!!!!! Such an amazing time of year... Lots of activity on the farms with fields having been harvested( maize) and ready for the next crop. I will work this study up to a more finished piece. Thanks for letting me paint on your lawn, Lee. Get better soon .


  1. The painting looks fantastic! But your kit is gong to make you look a bit like a bag lady!

  2. wow, amazing what you can do in a few minutes, totally impressed.

  3. LOVE this one! Really Love it...

  4. Three cheers for Pooh because Thanks to YOU,
    I can't get this song out of my head.


    MY shattered nerves.


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