23 July, 2012

Lake Ngahinapouri

It is often thought of as a rather trite response to the question asked of artists, " what inspires you to paint" , but I have to say the answer " scenes from everyday life" still does it for me.

Case in point: the school carpark , flooded from an enormous quantity of we have had recently( fondly named " Lake Ngahinapouri ) has been a fixture at morning drop off for a week or so.Never to miss an opportunity, teachers have been taking classes out to experiment and learn at the same time! Water displacement theory ( eureka!) , measurement and all sorts of lessons have seen practical application with the arrival of the pond. I, in turn, have painted it!!! The stillness of it has made for wonderful , long reflections.I

But do not drive through it at speed,. It fries the electrics. And you can guess how I know this!!!! I only learn from experience.....

1 comment:

  1. That is so beautiful...nicer than any car park I ever saw! Hope the car recovered without too much expense... :D


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