10 June, 2013

Fieldays impromptu exhibition and an excellent horoscope

I shall start by telling you that I am exhibiting with various other artists' at the Kaipaki Community hall ( recently refurbished and looking awesome!) from tomorrow till sunday , 12-16 June. This coincides with Fieldays, the largest agricultural exhibition in the southern hemisphere. Relax. if you see me driving a tractor, know that I stole it!!!

I decided to join this impromptu exhibition last wednesday and have been grateful ever since as it has given me something to focus on. I made some screen on which to hang the art, I chose pieces and painted a few , made name tags etc etc......nothing motivates me quite like last minute arrangements!!!!

So, today is set-up day and  before I had everything sorted , another artist approached me and bought a piece. Then a second person approached me and bought a piece! Wow! I was blown away and so pleased.

So, all ready for tomorrow but I shall have to replace those paintings with others, now.Quick, quick!!!

I came home and read my horoscope...this is what it said


Group activities are favoured, as you join forces with others to produce a practical outcome. A fabulous new friendship could also develop from a shared interest and similar dreams

Gone to a good home


  1. Wow! How wonderful, Jen. :) All the best at the exhibition. x

  2. Every day is a Field Day with you Jen!


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