23 June, 2013


Say it with me. SUPERMOON! If you saw the moon rise last night, you would know what I am rabitting on about. Wow! The moon was a third bigger than it's usual size (water retention...and I made that percentage up too) but is was fabulous .
For some reason, the moon really does it for me. I love the light of the full moon, the sliver of the new moon...the whole damned cycle, even the darkness of the no moon.....it pulls at the imagination and reactivates the wonder gland.

Clearly, I am affected.

Last night we drove home from a milestone birthday celebration (my father-in-law turned 80!) from the coastal city of Tauranga and had the priveledge of watching the moon rise over the sea, follow us home over the farmlands and Kaimai mountain ranges, wink at us over the Karapiro lake , and light the night all the way home.

I even woke at 2am just to have another look at it again.

Today I painted from memory what I witnessed last night...and toned down the cheesiness of the moon.

25 x 50 cm oil on board

I went a little abstract because that's what the moon does to me!


  1. Good evening, I was browsing through amazing photos shared of the supermoon and discovered your beautiful painting! A cheery greeting from Las Vegas, Nevada


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