24 March, 2011

Fish on ice

The inspiration for this came from the cover of a Cuisine magazine, a New Zealand foodie mag. The original photo depicts these gorgeous fish, frozen in a block of ice, slowly thawing. I ripped the front page off and stuck it in my refrence file  and , alas, cannot credit the photographer, but if I ever find another copy, I will add it here!

I wanted to paint something with a limited palette: French Ultramarine, Creulean blue, white, yellow ochre and black.I added a bit of green , but it was a mere dab on the palette.Hardly counts.
As an excercise, I am happy. My mojo is still there and I like the end result. A good friday for me.

Hey, a helpfull friend (who collects the Cuisine magazine) told me that Aaron McLean is the photographer of I wanted to credit as inspiration for this painting.
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