27 April, 2015

Hamilton Plein air painters group

I am sure I have mentioned I started a plein air painters group .We meet once a month on a sunday morning and paint. Sometimes, it has just been me, but last sunday, I was joined by my dad, visiting from South Africa and 3 others and we had a blast.

The autumn weather was kind: soft light, no wind,an earthiness hung in the air aromatically.With new people joining, I set up in an area a little out of the main foot traffic at the Hamilton gardens and we painted and sketched what was, in effect, an al fresco still life: a statue.

from left to right: Dad, Terry and Angie

Stylie hat wearing painter!

Still life plain air set-up!

Terry's brave effort

Angies gorgeous watercolour and sketch

Terry's handmade paint box!

So, if you want to join us, just hop onto www.meetup.com  and join the Hamilton Plein air painters group. I will send you notification of the next event!

Dad's final painting, gifted to Helen.

My final painting, no one wanted it!lol!

17 April, 2015

You're Invited !

You are invited to my upcoming exhibition!

I am exhibiting with Di Tocker from Dicastglass. Di  makes cast glass pieces in jewel-like colours that really are quite evocative. We also share the same situation of being working artist mothers with fairly young children, trying to balance all that that entails and remain true to our artistic endeavours.
She also shares, very generously, her art magazines and advice , honest feedback and technical know how. She's a gem.
I am exhibiting some BIG paintings. So, for those of you who came to my last exhibition of 26 small paintings, you will find I have upscaled a bit!


07 April, 2015

Poster girl.

I am in a new group show in Timaru in May. This is my first show in South Island and I am thrilled. Between you and me, if I could sneak off and live here, I would be one happy painter. It has amazing spaces. Not just views. I am interested in spaces and it feels like home all over the place.

Anyway, if I ever make enough money, I am going to buy a bolt-hole in South island and built a studio on top of a ridge line of hills and paint till I drop.

So, we start with this exhibition. My painting "Laundry day" has been used in the background. Yes, it's out of focus, obscured and has coloured filters all over it, but it 's there! I am so pleased it was chosen.

2015 Poster RSM Law Plunket Art Show.pdf

This one, remember? I have 4 paintings in the show.

Exciting times!!!

03 April, 2015

A holiday

I am taking a few weeks holiday to spent time with my family, including my parents, who join me from South Africa for one month of the year, each year. A huge gift on their behalf .

So, brushes down (kinda, sorta) and wine consumption up . They are such fun to have around . The wine flows freely, the quality of meals improve dramatically(because Mom cooks) and conversation is always illuminating and we laugh a lot.

I do a lot of this!
I shall post a few holiday pics as we go.

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