31 July, 2011

Random pose

I discovered the kids had posed some of the4 mannequinsI bought on auction in interesting ways(get your head out the gutter, people! They are 6 and 9.....OK, maybe the 9 year old...) and took pot luck and just painted what I saw. 20 minutes was all I had and this is what I got.
This is one of them ...he is minus a foot but somehow, it suits the pose!

First day back to school for my boys and they welcomed it with the usual mix of vocal dismay( school is BORRRRRRRRRRING)  that gave way to shouts of delight  seeing all their friends on arrival at school!Funny little things! They came home full of happy chit chat and news.I feel very calm today.Will let you know how long that lasts......

29 July, 2011

Santa's little helper and other distractions...

 I tidied......! Nothing looks weirder than a tidy studio!~! Won't do THAT again for a while then.

I have become very interested in printmaking after Michelle Ives( a wonderfull illustrator and friend) send me a lino cut print and an etching as a gift(along with a fab bracelet and necklace.....cool friend, huh!). I also happen to have a set of her tools that she gave to me, almost 10 years ago, when she left Cape Town for Cardiff.
  The prerequisite cup of tea included!

First lino print

Second linoprint

 My first, self taught linocut prints(yes, yes, I can see the mistakes.....but they are the first!) .
 I had so much fun researching( You Tube and the internet.....just amazing) and it made me remember how much I love learning new things (hence the 5 year Bachelor of Arts...it should read Bachelor of Absolutely everything).

And then came the distraction in the form of......................Lucien!

  I took TV away...brilliant, really. I can highly recommend it IF you can stand
  1. The wailing for the first 3 days
  2. Being told you are the world's worst mother and your license should be revoked(yes, he believes I need a license........)
  3. The constant shadowing and effort to be included in everything you do.(The theory being I will give him TV back if he drives me nuts!)

So, he asked to learn how to sew! So I said.....sure thing!

 ....and look how into it he got!! He made sock puppets(ok, no pair of socks is safe anymore) and a felt monster!!! He has asked to go to the local craft store to get some supplies....my mind boggles!But he is like me...easily distacted. Once he has mastered handsewing he will be off on another quest to learn a skill. Although he was intrigued when I explained about the concept of high fashion, design and the engineering that goes into making clothing.....and the money the top(male!) designers earn!

 He has gone to a party.......a 20 min study of my new mannequins!!

And then my bench got messy again! I blame the mannequins...I think they had a party with the turps!

22 July, 2011

Lessons learned

I snapped this at the local swimming pool earlier this year. My son had  moved from the small, heated pool into the large, unheated lap pool. he was watching, trying to work out the rules of the pool and feeling the change in temperature. An unusual moment in time when he was actually standing still!

The swimming lesson

This little girl was being taught to swim by her Dad. He had great patience with her and , although it ended in tears, he never lost his temper or raised his voice.I saw them in the parking lot after the lesson, all smiles and rosy cheeks, assisted by an ice-cream!

I  realise, when comparing it with the first painting,that I am getting fussy and tight when I focus on something for a long time. I fiddle and change stuff.....it ends up a tight mess.
I was limited to 20 min with this last painting.( I had to make the bus stop to collect the kids from school) .

I have been complaining I never have enough time to paint and have been looking for an answer to help solve this issue of tightness and it seems the universe sent it to me in the form of a busload of grumpy children!
I often ask the universe for direction.... and it seems  all I need is 30 minutes and a kick in the pants!

19 July, 2011

Painting the night blue

I have wondered how to paint night scenes for quite some time now and had quite a few questions that needed answering: what kind of colours to use, how much detail to leave out and in,etc, etc etc! These are my first two rather timid and quite romantic scenes. They feel like movie stills to me! But it was fun to experiment

The First painting reminds me of a camping holiday way back when we first arrived in New Zealand. The moon rose at night and it was a magnificent sight. You know those evenings when the air is still, no clouds at all and the moon seems to take up half the sky? Well, that was this night AND it was reflected in the sea...truly amazing. I cycled up a steep road to the top of Shakespeare cliff and met a woman, walking her dog. She too had been attracted by the moon. Her enormous, shaggy and clearly deranged dog was responding  to same moon by trying to eat my tyres. I digress. So there we were, 10pm at night,on top of a cliff , admiring the moon. Such a special moment.I felt so brave and privileged!!

Anyway, I have replaced the nutter dog with a Scottie!

The photo is blurry and the yellow of the moon did not translate, sorry.

This next image  is purely form my imagination.

11 July, 2011

Fish fetish

Right. Apologies out of the way first. Sorry for not posting recently but , well, the mommy goddess had to do some overtime and secondly, my apologies for the corny title.

These are the three paintings I have submitted to the One Size Fits All exhibition at Thornton Gallery. It started yesterday and is on for a few weeks.

I promise, no more fish for a while.Not unless you beg!

They are all 10x10 inches,oil on canvas.

My camera is doing a gnome tour of Amsterdam South Wales and will hopefully return this Saturday so I can show you what else I have been up to.Tragically, not much, but I will post what I have.

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