27 July, 2010

The start of the portraits

I struggle with portraits and the idea of a likeness.In saying that, I have been reading voraciously on the subject and have decided to forge ahead using a few tips and techniques learned from others. Primarily, I am forgetting about a likeness and trying to translate an atmosphere and find my portrait style.I have a few images from artists I admire around me and consult them from time to time.Have I learned anything over the past few days of painting portraits? Yes.Is it painfull? Yes! I have wiped as many boards clean as I have painted and then some, but with each effort I am getting closer to my painter "voice", my style.Still,no likeness yet......!

My apologies for the bloom,gloss, shine and general shabbiness of the photos.I am trying to document the paintings whilst still wet, it's raining outside so my usual spot for photography is waterlogged.sigh. This too shall pass.....

23 July, 2010

A superb winters day

The sunshine in mid-winter has such a different quality of light to it in comparison with mid-summer. I have caught myself sitting, watching my view and the light on the animals in the paddocks , and it has been absolutely captivating.
I live adjacent to a magnificent horse stud and benefit from fabulois tabloid of animals that I see from my windows.Most of the horses are dark, but this guy is amazing! When the light starts to fade he becomes almost luminous.It's crazy beautifull to witness. So.......I avoided trying to capture that and painted him by afternoon light..it was easier!


19 July, 2010

Back to normal

The school holidays are over and the kids are back at school. I loved having them home and around me. It was all ok because the weather was fantastic(shorts and t-shirts mid-winter!!wow!) and they are just that bit older. Having said that, I am still trying to vacuum all the glitter out of my carpet and blu-tack has made itself onto almost every wall at that suspicious height of 1 meter!!

I digress. I am back and despite some truly horrendous holiday paintings(I wiped 3 canvasses clean !)I am finding my groove again.

I usually avoid skies but in the process of moving some of my dad's paintings around the house I had chance to ,yet again, marvel at his talent and have a good look at his skies. I took a leaf from his book and gave it a go.

04 July, 2010

A change of attitude

The school holidays have begun.A whole 2 weeks of them.To be honest, my selfish self wants my days back to myself but time spent with my kids is rather precious...they are growing up so fast and I never seem to have time to just sit and chat with them. Weeks are devoted to homework, sport,school activities of some sort, bath bed and ...........constant arguments!!!

Whilst I am surrounded by their vortex of energy(and I need calm to paint effectively) I have changed my attitude and promised the kids a crafty holiday. This morning we bought all sorts of items from the craft store and I have hauled my huge lump of clay out of the garage to assist with the 3d side of the creative process...plus, if it's not messy, it's not fun!Glitter,glue sticks,clay,paint,coloured paper,popsicle sticks........and plastic tablecloth.(I am not that relaxed!)

Creativity is a mindset and I would like to instill a love of all things creative with my boys.From the singing at the table, I would say its a good start!!!
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