28 January, 2016

Holiday news

I had a wonderful holiday in Otago with my boys.
The itinerary was to fly to Dunedin and collect our large van ( with seats removed to enable 3 bikes in the back), buzz through Dunedin up to Wanaka via Lawrence. We would leave from Queenstown.

On arrival I fell totally in love with the city of Dunedin. It was a wrench to drag myself away from the city and my lovely Family were totally nice about driving me round and letting me collect the property sections of all the local newspapers knowing full well I was in denial about leaving. We drove up via the coast to Lawrence, Roxburgh and Wanaka  in along slow curve of a day , stopping only for food. Having said that, we are part hobbit, so it was elevenses, early lunch, lunch pudding, afternoonses , snack fruit shopping( boxes of cherries, apricots and wild cherries)....by the time we arrived in Wanaka I had pacified my sorrow by eating a punnet of cherries and an assortment of good country fare. My romance with Otago is ongoing and I imagine will remain so lifelong.

Wanaka. The van was quickly christened Louise( no idea why, something to do with Charles always saying " Louise my Squeeze. Not to me, to the van). The house we rented was just lovely and more than I was expecting.

The holiday started with frantic activity of mountain biking and me painting...by the time we left we had all slowed down , read some books, swum in the lake, gone on walks, eaten food, more food and good food, played several board games and take a LOT...because that's what we like to do on holidays. re-connect.

Ok,nuff talking, let me show you the hideousness of the place.

09 January, 2016

Naseby Highway( for Rabbits)

I was delighted to receive a phone call  on Friday evening informing me I had won the Landscape category at the Aspiring Art Competion in Wanaka! I am so pleased because I really loved painting it and I hoped someone would love it as much and it seems a number of people did ..and better still, someone bought it! Double whammy!

I am off to Otago again soon to paint some more. As we speak, I am trying to whittle down my equipment to fit in my already edited luggage( due to bicycles taking up a lot of my luggage allotment). But I know I will do it because i Have done it before and at least I can post things back here! If I sell enough work, I am going to buy a section of land with a view , build a studio and paint until I am blue in my face! That's the plan, at least..........and maybe it will be in Naseby!

Naseby Highway(for rabbits)
oil on board
52 x 52 cm

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