24 October, 2011

Cow theme continued

I recognise that sometimes I get something right in a painting, but something else makes it a miss more than a hit. So I take the hit, try analyse what makes that part work and then retry it, often in a different format or colour or size. I like the looseness I get with the cows at the moment, so I am working with that and trying not to be too controlled and "right" about detail.
This is quite small,30cm by 15cm.

School is back and holidays are over, so hopefully, I can get painting again. We had a lovely time together but the boys are all about action, and painting, no matter what anyone tells you, is not on their radar as a fun filled activity.
Bless their manic little minds!

15 October, 2011

Sunday afternoon at the pond

I painted outdoors today for the first time in a very long time and it felt fantastic. I usually paint indoors, with the luxury of music, contained enviroment and a kettle nearby...but it is quite sterile.

I have admired this pond for a while now and today, with a window of a few hours grace whilst my kids went motorbiking, I asked the lovely owners if i could set up my easel and paint their beautiful view.

I was surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature, the wind gave me a good run for my money (I had to hang onto palette and easel a few times! That palette can become a sail!) and painted in the glare of the midday sun (The umbrella was a no-go with the wind) ............and it was amazing. I loved every minute of it and hope to paint the same pond again and again. Jim tells me he has plans to expand and develop the area, so hopefully I will be able to document the changes.

This is a photo of the scene

Can you see why I had such a good time...is it not fabulous?!

14 October, 2011

The Breakfast room at Adare Manor

This is from a photo taken by the lovely and talented Hector Van Der Walt. I am led to understand that this is the breakfast room at Adare Manor , Ireland. How I would love to take breakfast in this wonderful setting!

His glamorous job, at which he is terribly good, takes him around the world . He takes pity on us left behind and posts gorgeous photos. His eye for design shows in his photos and I frequently beg to paint them or use them as reference. Thank you for being so generous and keep posting photos.

I very rarely paint interiors, buildings etc, as I believe you need to be able to draw to do so......but I gave it a bash anyhow! People often ask me if I draw too...and I disappoint them by telling them I paint because I cannot draw!!!

It seems strange to not have a person in this view but I think it adds to that feeling of solitude. The empty breakfast room.
It is school holidays, my house is filled with children at all times, often many more than I actually claim blood-ties to, so solitude is something I crave right now. An empty breakfast room is the antithesis of my daily experience..more like a frantic kitchen!!!
One day, when they are all grown up and gone I will miss the madness !!!

08 October, 2011

Sheep admiring the sunset...yeah,right!

Sorry, clearly I am a bit silly at the moment. This was from an art class a few weeks back where I wiped THIS canvas clean about 3 times before I painted this scene. Frankly, the air was blue and my irritation levels at my own lack of focuswas on Defcon 9 . Then a watercolourist (such even mild,even tempered people!!) by the name of Karen let me look at some of her reference photos of sheep and this happened.

Not great, but not bad either.
The colour looks strange in the foreground( might be the photographer!) , not as dark in real life ,but the sky is about right.

05 October, 2011

Keira in The Blue Dress

This is Keira. Her mom , the photographer, is the very talented Melissa. She has a wonderfull blog about her very creative life in sunny Nelson, New Zealand.

I saw this wonderfull photo ofKeira and used it for inspiration.

She looks like she's hunting for something lost deep in her pocket! I loved that action and I hope she is happy with this painting.

04 October, 2011

Distraction central

I am supposed to be painting. Clearly, I am not...I am painting everything BUT a canvas. I painted these chairs a few days ago......funky little things.You like? I do!

Now I am trying to figure out how to access the wireless internet connection...and I have forgotten the username and password and cannot navigate my way round my PC to find it. I need a 12 year old!!!!!!!!!! Technology...sigh.

I want to paint a suitcase in a similar fashion(great place to put all the games etc)..so that's what I am going to do today.Bah humbug to the housework and washing.

Going to my art cave to get distracted....or is that engaged ..or reinteracted...or undistracted(focus,Jennie!)
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