30 April, 2012

Big sky with cows

I might still fiddle with this but, after 6 coffee's my hands are shaking and my judgement is not reliable. Herman Pekel says to leave a painting for a while before looking at it again. The fresh eye is best. But I am happy with this to date.

Oil on canvas board

First day back painting

I liked the quietness of this scene. I am back in my studio and a little at sixes and sevens as I am missing my parents who came for a visit but enjoying painting and my little space again. I am also a little out of practice, so I am being kind and just enjoying myself today, reworking some paintings after some valuable advice from my dad and looking at the paintings of Roos Schuring in her new book,a year of seascaping. I am also on my 5th cup of coffee, so have to stop THAT!!!!!

Oil on canvas board
10x14 in

24 April, 2012

Doing it!

This is me, doing the painting thing......and this the scene I was painting.

23 April, 2012

More from the beach.....

This was painted on a starkly bright day, not a helpfull shadow in sight, tides changing and clouds coming and going faster than a gin on a summers day.
I wiped it clean halfway and began again. A little old lady walking her mental corgi( It had no idea how vertically challenged it was and went for a swim.... And I thought I might have to rescue the little submarine at one stage. Dogs do splutter.) asked me if it was a watercolor!!!!!
I really loved painting en plein air or, as my family call it, extreme painting!!!

Whangamata wharf

I had a great afternoon painting this little scene, peaceful and quiet, whilst on holiday. Seagulls are good company.
I will be back painting regularly from next week.

10 April, 2012

Raglan on a superb autumn afternoon

Terrible photo but brilliant day!!!

Paddlers and fishermen at the estuary entrance to the harbour at Raglan.

Autumn has been awesome. I have been painting Lucien's bedroom.....and have given him a dark wall and a paint pen to start his own artwork wall! Not the painting I wanted to do but probably really well worth the effort. Those of you who remember the yellow in the Woodstock house will delight in knowing it's back with a vengeance in luce's room!

My parents are visiting and living in my studio. My dad and I talk art and paintings and technique and my mom and I go thrifting all over the town, searching for craft ideas and talking sewing.i have not cooked a meal in days nor done any housework...my elves are doing it for me!!!! I am loving my holiday. I will be back painting after 27 April .....

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06 April, 2012

On holiday

Back in a few weeks...enjoy the sunset.

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