17 February, 2016

Upcoming exhibition: The Painter and the Glassmaker

 In a few weeks ( ok, 18 days, I am counting) Di and I will be exhibiting together at Soul Gallery here in Hamilton. It has a lovely exhibition space and be are going to fill it with paintings and glass.

The opening preview is on 3 March, 5-7 pm and everyone is welcome to attend.

Additionally, we will be in-store on saturdays throughout the exhibition to talk about the work and discuss the processes we use to create and have photos showing our studios and such.

The show is on for a month and I will post some photos when we have set up.

Heres a blurb:

The Painter and the Glassmaker

Glassmaker Di Tocker and painter Jennie De Groot join forces to present The Painter and the Glassmaker at Soul Gallery, Hamilton

In their work, both artists deal with the idea of recollection. “ Our works come from memories of an actual situation or place that is transformed over time by the mind and the hand”

In Tockers’s collection of ‘moments’, figures may be travelling to new places, waiting patiently for a companion or perhaps have been left behind. Figures are universal, in that they are not bound by specific identities- their form is simplified to a representation of humanity to more directly convey broader ideas about relationships, memory and connection.
De Groot shares this idea of not giving too much away, describing her paintings as “walking the line between suggestion and representation”, enjoying the tension between realism and expression.
De Groot and Tocker demonstrate masterful skill in their respective media resulting in beautifully executed works.

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