23 May, 2015

The Glassmaker and the Painter

So, the thing is done. We have exhibited .

Working with Di Tocker( the glassmaker) has been a total pleasure. I am seriously genuine ( sounds fake, hey) when I say that but she is all things that the stereotypical artist is not: Organised, ordered, practical, measured and punctual.
To work with her is to be calm and relaxed.  She is the embodiment of the phrase" work smarter, not harder".

With the help of the incredible curator emily Rumney, we whipped the exhibition into shape in a day.

Would you like to see?

05 May, 2015

Change of season

Ah, Southern hemisphere autumn is well and truly here. Morning are misty, middays are warmer and the cold starts creeping in again around 4 pm. It's dark early, I'm hungry ALL the time and the orchard smells of apples. In 2 weeks time, all the apples will be harvested and just the remnants will hang on the trees till they fall off , lay under the trees in the long grass and rot. Then the orchard will smell like a cider-house for a while. The dogs are still chasing the rabbits and the hedgehogs are seeking hide holes, but the big hare who provided them with the thrill of the chase has gone. Geese honk overhead as they fly in their v's back to wherever the v's takes them.
 Autumn is all about the smells. The damp earth, the rotting apples, the wet-dog smell of wet-dogs, woodsmoke in the air and a certain mustiness that never really goes until summer. Inhale deeply.

The light in the studio has changed too. I am having to turn the daylight bulbs on and check things in natural light. The heater is now on on a permanent basis and the place is strewn with mugs.

The studio smells of turpentine.Pure, stinky turpentine. I have no odourless at the moment and am awaiting an order, so for the moment, I am back in the 20th century, stinking the place out. Secretly, I love the smell, but it is not PC. It's like admitting you'd really still love to be a smoker.

Anyway, the studio smells of wet dog and turps. It's a pungent and heady combination.

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