08 October, 2017

The exhibition in Dunedin

I have been working towards an exhibition in Dunedin at Gallery De Novo for over a year. Good things take time.

This exhibition was in conjunction with my mate, Di Tocker, the cast glass artist. When we exhibit together ( which we have now done 3 times) we refer to ourselves as The Painter and The Glassmaker. We are a good team because we are so different. It helps our mediums are different too. Think Laurel and Hardy, Spock and Kirk, Thelma and Louise, Calvin and Hobbs.

Let me show you my work.

Aurora Australis
38 x 78 cm

Burnt around the edges
100 x76 cm

Chasing waterfalls
72 x 112 cm

Good fences make good neighbours
55 x 70cm

Green quilt
100 x 50 cm

Guided home
90 x90 cm

Heart Full
120 x 120cm

55 x 81 cm

Magic Hour
78 x 60 cm

Racing the rain
60 x60 cm

Snow quilt
63 x 123 cm

Southland green
50 x 50 cm

St Bathans blue
75 x 75 cm

The ribs of the things
60 cm tondo

120 x 95 cm
Good news travels fast
100 x 100cm

Whispers in between
80 cm tondo

The show runs until 19 October at Gallery DE Novo in Dunedin.

I can honestly say I loved working on these paintings.

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