22 November, 2018

Workshops and November and podcast and painting the walls

Studio time has been a little fractured , recently.  This is not a bad thing but not ideal either.
Here is a list of things that have kept me from working over the last few months( in no particular order but clearly the more annoying will be written first)

  • injured ligament on painting hand
  • getting the whole house double glazed
  • painting the living area walls, architraves and doors
  • child writing exams
  • child learning to drive and needing practise and avoidance of study time
  • spring...garden plant grew monstrously and quickly. I gave that fight up pretty quickly
  • moved studio around
The shining lights from the above experiences are 

  • that the boy can now drive by himself and is a good, solid driver. 
  • the walls look fresh and the house looks updated
  • the house is both warmer and cooler on the right days
  • the bees are excited I no longer mow the lawn
  • my administration no longer distract me from my painting

The hand, unfortunately, is still bloody sore and will need more rest to recover.....right now, acupuncture is my friend. 

I also decided to teach a workshop or two and really enjoyed the experience. I wanted to teach a course that I would have wanted to take when beginning to paint! The premise is an introduction to contemporary oil painting materials ...... describe what oil paints are, what mediums are and how they influence style , tools such as brushes, palette knives and spatulas , substrates , varnishing and basic studio safety and setup.

The next workshop will be around colour...and there is going to be MUCH colour mixing!

I really enjoyed the process of caring what I know and I met some very cool people, including some creatives I had only met online! Meeting them in person was very special and they jumped in , boot and all, with such enthusiasm that the day flew by before we knew it. 

Mark got very into the pthalo blue...and it loved him back!!!

I am so pleased I advised wearing old clothes!!! Linda was liberal green all over!

Di Tocker and I at the David Lloyd 10 year anniversary show...with our works!


part of a larger painting

The very lovely Sarah Nathan and Mark Hamilton

The dangerous placement of cups near paint!!!!

My painting at the David Lloyd Gallery

I also exhibited in two group shows. go SMALL at The Framing house and The 10th anniversary exhibition at the David Lloyd Gallery.
My painting the Framing House 

I am now off the paint more walls, because it seems the painting is never finished in this house! I listen to podcasts as I paint. John Dalton-Gently does it is a goodie( for painters) , Breaking Art with Jason Naylor is great to listen to local creatives making their way in the NZ art scene and Jesse Mulligan on Radio NZ....because his is such an interesting variety interviewers, subjects and music !!!!

If you are keen to participate in any of my workshops, please let me know by emailing me jennie@jenniedegroot.com. Workshops are $195 per person and include a lunch, tea and coffee .
Class sizes are small and are in my studio in Ngahinapouri, 5 minutes drive south of Hamilton.

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