20 March, 2019

Four: A walk through of the exhibition

With thanks to Laree Payne, Director of Weasel Gallery and Holly Marie Russell for photographs.

03 March, 2019

I wish I was a better person.

I wish I was a better person, but I am not. Im too busy, too disorganised and too easily distracted to keep it together to make this blog regular and timeous. But lets be honest here, if you heard from me regularly, you'd find me a wee bit tiresome, so maybe this is a better arrangement.

Ive had this post it not stuck to my computer screen .

Its been on so long its about to fall off, but let me run through them.

Blog. Well, this is it.

Yes! An exhibition. It's titled FOUR.

Key points are
When: 14 March -6 April
Where: Weasel Gallery, 260 Victoria street, Hamilton
opening event : 14 March 5-7 pm
Sneak peek : 13 March 11-4 pm

Ok, why FOUR? Sounds a bit Enid Blyton ( and  there's a bit of that in there too) but there are four of us exhibiting. Four different mediums and four different approaches to work. We met up once a month to talk about the works we were producing, critique some pieces and generally nut out the details of what we wanted to show and what we needed to keep quiet about. Four went on walks around lakes , walks along rivers and we all agreed that walking and talking is better than just talking.

This is us.

This is our work

Please come!

Whanganui and road trip needs it's own boo and I will get round to that. I can read my own handwriting for the last one. Feel free to email me ( jennie@jenniedegroot.com) if you can transcribe that scrawl and I will write a new post-it note for it!!

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