07 June, 2011

Look Familiar?

I am revisiting my sheep theme.

I like looking at sheep.I like painting them and, in need of some downtime and  respite from fish,sheep ticked all the boxes.So, a dreamy, tranquil pastoral view of sheep it is.No excuses or explanations of what is right or what is wrong with the painting...it is just a simple painting of some sheep.

I enjoyed my time at the easel today.

04 June, 2011

Thanks, Dad.

I took some advice from my Dad and reworked the foreground. He said the original was too dark and too boring.(OK, what he really said was "you could think about lightening the foreground and adding some interest") As with most of the advice that he has ever given me, he was spot on.

This is now a landscape scene featuring Toe Toe (a miniature pampas like grass) . Thanks, Dad!
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