31 August, 2016

Sorry, I almost left.

I almost left, sorry.

I was going to sneak away in the night, not say goodbye and just start a new blog. Just like that. After 9 or so years of writing this blog, I was not sure I WAS a distracted painter anymore . I felt a shift in my thinking about the blog, my work etc etc. I was slightly embarrassed that I had been as bad as some of my earlier works and that there is evidence thereof. And then I had another shift in thinking . What the hell kind of message does that send when you are embarrassed by your  work and not celebrating in your improvement?! I am aware that one day (when hell freezes over ) my kids might read this blog and take that on board. I would never want them to think that way, so how could I act that way.

The shift is still there. I feel different about my work, it definitely consumes me ( I should start a blog called "The Distracted Mother" !Ha!) and I am no longer distracted, instead incredibly focussed. I have never been more focussed on anything in my life before. So, instead of a break, I consider the last few months a hiatus.

Sorry I almost left without saying goodbye or leaving a forwarding address. I'm back now.

And can you tell it's spring?

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