18 May, 2016

Workshop planning

I took a trip to Stellenbosch , South Africa, to attend my 30th school reunion. I shall not bore you with the details but I had a blast and thoroughly enjoyed my nostalgic weekend.  But my trip was not only to connect, it was to include  painting and some workshop planning.

Whilst there, I scouted a venue and locations for a plein air workshop that I intend to offer 19-22 November 2016. The location is the rather gorgeous town of Riebeeck-Kasteel in the Swartland, the grain fields and vineyards an hour or so north of Cape Town. Details will follow, but I intend to teach the basics of plein air painting, how to edit scenes, work with limited palettes, composition and even paint a nocturne!!! I have a program that will cover 4 days( and nights!) of painting and perhaps some morning yoga too, if I can convince my local yogi to join us! (Yoga is totally optional but recommended!!) The final day will see local artist and plein air painter, Jenny Parsons, hold a masterclass. She will impart her wisdom, shortcuts and insights into the immensely rewarding and pleasurable art of plein air painting.

Anyway, I painted as much as I could and came home with several studies and a sketchbook full of notes and scribbles, thumbnails and a camera full of photos. My studio in south africa is very much a compact one but I seem to add equipment to it each time I return...brushes, paint, canvas, squeegees, varnish....next time I will leave an easel there!

Although I am not teaching plein air regularly on a tuesday this term( it's just too wet to guarantee much painting....I seem to be the only keen person to stand in the rain, painting!) , I will hold a weekend workshop at a location that has some indoor/ shelter available. It can't all be a sufferfest!!! I will let you know when I have the date and venue squared up on that one too.

This is very much a WATCH THIS SPACE post, I realise. I think you could call me a paint-tease.

Small study of the N2 to Cape Town

I delivered this to it's new owner!

The Plein air work of Jenny Parsons in the gorgeous Riebeeck Kasteel Gallery

The front verandah of the hotel! Gin and tonic, anyone?


......and studies

.. some freaky stuff I saw in a backyard on a walk.....



interacting with some public sculpture...

..finding some commonality....

more painting...The Occupation: Story of an African Farm

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