04 July, 2010

A change of attitude

The school holidays have begun.A whole 2 weeks of them.To be honest, my selfish self wants my days back to myself but time spent with my kids is rather precious...they are growing up so fast and I never seem to have time to just sit and chat with them. Weeks are devoted to homework, sport,school activities of some sort, bath bed and ...........constant arguments!!!

Whilst I am surrounded by their vortex of energy(and I need calm to paint effectively) I have changed my attitude and promised the kids a crafty holiday. This morning we bought all sorts of items from the craft store and I have hauled my huge lump of clay out of the garage to assist with the 3d side of the creative process...plus, if it's not messy, it's not fun!Glitter,glue sticks,clay,paint,coloured paper,popsicle sticks........and plastic tablecloth.(I am not that relaxed!)

Creativity is a mindset and I would like to instill a love of all things creative with my boys.From the singing at the table, I would say its a good start!!!

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