18 August, 2010

With thanks to Sir Alexander Fleming

Whoops! Sorry about the sudden disappearance, but .....I was distracted by illness.
The children and the lovely husband all fell foul to a nasty flu strain and required quite intensive Florence Nightingale treatment for a while. Up till that point, all was well with the world. Then I forgot to be extra cautious with my own health and suddenly found  myself up Swine Flu Creek, sans paddle,braying like a mad donkey and obviously well in the throes of a complicated pneumonia.

But , to make a sad story sweet and short, thanks to the marvels of modern medicine, lovely doctors, nurses and such , I am now home and on the way to recovery.
This is the second time in 2 years that penicillin has saved my life. Thank you Sir Alexander Fleming and his happy accident.
The nice bit is that lots of lovely friends brought me flowers and I have been itching to paint them for days now.Expect daffodils, folks!

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