24 November, 2010

When good computers go bad

I AM here.
 I AM painting .........................but right now, this very moment,my computer is being dissected, diagnosed and ,hopefully,reassembled and returned to me in a good state so I can once again post some images.I feel amputated from the world...but you know what? I work better without the distraction of my beloved beast of a desktop computer!!! Funny, I know.Sigh. At least I am not kidding you about being  easily distracted. I was that dog from the movie "UP" in a past life. Squirrel!So, you might ask , how is it that you are posting this? Magic, folks,magic!!!

1 comment:

  1. Hello Jennie,

    I LOVE the sheep! I hope you are going to treat us to another Jennie O (for original) Christmas card.
    And you thought you were distracted.



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