02 December, 2010

Waikawau bay 2010

I am preparing for the summer camping holiday by putting all of last years photo's in an album. O , the shame of being almost a year behind the photo albums!! Anyway, as I was sifting, sorting and reminiscing about our fabulous getaway(long drop toilets, no electricity at all,solar showers), I found a few photo's that I had deliberately taken to work up into paintings. As my computer has been bad(very,very bad) and in the shop, I found myself devoid of distractions and this is what I did.....

Waikawau Bay, Coromandel


As I look at these I am reminded of what an atrocious photographer I am! If you know how to photograph paintings and would be so kind as to give me a quick tutorial(bearing in mind I use a fairly simple Canon powershot a200is...whatever that means) , I would take it as a kindness.

This year I am taking my french easel and paints and ,hopefully,my wet canvas carrier that Ms.Toni is kindly making for me. I will keep you posted but, given the 11 month delay on the last holiday photos, I would not hold my breath if I was you!

Now I am off to bottle  the strawberry jam I am making.


  1. Great paintings, freshened memories of summer 2010.

  2. Hi. I've awarded you with a Blog Award! Please go to my blog to pick it up! xo


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