02 May, 2011

Air-drying fish AKA Bokkoms

Fabulous title.Not! Nevermind, it's the painting that counts.I painted this over an old canvas and really like the texture it gives the new image. I realise this does not translate in the photo,but trust me, it's groovy!

 I took inspiration from a wonderful photogrpaher, Kathryn Stout, who is lucky enough to live near the sea and be blessed with a great eye for an image.She and her brother both take amazing photogrpahs and whilst they are art forms in themselves, I loved the images she took of fish being airdried along the coast and used her photos as reference.The name given to these dried fish is Bokkoms.

Anyway, back from school holidays and my trip to South Island (no words for how beautiful the land is down there) and back to work painting!

Leme know what you think...I think the break has done me good!

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