17 August, 2011

Mosaic done and more figure studies

Yesterday was pretty full-on. I had a great art class and then a memorable bike ride.

 I painted over an old canvas board and just did figure studies of boys playing soccer in Africa.

This is a large board and I quite like the idea of multiple images of the same subject on a canvas. This great idea was suggested to me by my friend , author, Jamie B Ernstein. Jamie and I ride mountainbikes together ( when we are not injured.!) We have both just returned to cycling after an extended period of NOT cycling due to various injuries.(mwahahahah! Sad but true) He  convinced me to ride a rather awkward hill slope and I forgot to lower my saddle and was highsided by said saddle and fell down the slope, bike and all,onto a tree stump. I am now sporting some fab bruises and a cracked rib. We continued to ride and I continued to try and injure myself for another hour . Adrenalin is a wonderfull masker of pain. Anyway, that was yesterday. I went for a walk this morning to warm up and this afternoon, I grouted the mosaic watertank lid.Carefully......and slowly. No stretching!

Very swirly.Quite Austin Powersy.I am happy with it and it looks better in real life...the mirror bits and the subltle mauve and blues do not translate very well in this photo...you will have to believe me!

Off to down a few painkillers and occupy the sofa until the hooligans come home.

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