15 October, 2011

Sunday afternoon at the pond

I painted outdoors today for the first time in a very long time and it felt fantastic. I usually paint indoors, with the luxury of music, contained enviroment and a kettle nearby...but it is quite sterile.

I have admired this pond for a while now and today, with a window of a few hours grace whilst my kids went motorbiking, I asked the lovely owners if i could set up my easel and paint their beautiful view.

I was surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature, the wind gave me a good run for my money (I had to hang onto palette and easel a few times! That palette can become a sail!) and painted in the glare of the midday sun (The umbrella was a no-go with the wind) ............and it was amazing. I loved every minute of it and hope to paint the same pond again and again. Jim tells me he has plans to expand and develop the area, so hopefully I will be able to document the changes.

This is a photo of the scene

Can you see why I had such a good time...is it not fabulous?!

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