10 April, 2012

Raglan on a superb autumn afternoon

Terrible photo but brilliant day!!!

Paddlers and fishermen at the estuary entrance to the harbour at Raglan.

Autumn has been awesome. I have been painting Lucien's bedroom.....and have given him a dark wall and a paint pen to start his own artwork wall! Not the painting I wanted to do but probably really well worth the effort. Those of you who remember the yellow in the Woodstock house will delight in knowing it's back with a vengeance in luce's room!

My parents are visiting and living in my studio. My dad and I talk art and paintings and technique and my mom and I go thrifting all over the town, searching for craft ideas and talking sewing.i have not cooked a meal in days nor done any housework...my elves are doing it for me!!!! I am loving my holiday. I will be back painting after 27 April .....

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  1. Say hi to your parents for me! :) And enjoy every minute of their visit. x

  2. Lucky You ! My elf is spelt with an s — my self. And speaking of yellow...
    Humpty Dumpty also had a great fall!


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