21 November, 2012

Island clouds

In the afternoon, the clouds build up into great banks off fluffy "island " clouds. They rise tall and bouffant into the sky, making for fabulous sunsets and the odd afternoon shower. They have the most glorious shades of purples, greys and whites that change so quickly it is almost impossible to record them. Piantings skies is really, really difficult because you have to paint the impression, not the reality, as that changes so quickly.

I painted this in my garage!~
I was looking out north, past my neighbours house, to the Hakarimata range in the far distance, the farmers fields devoid of cows which are probably grazing other pastures to allow the top paddocks to recover in spring.

oil on canvas panel
22 x 30 cm

1 comment:

  1. I love the crusty edges on those clouds, now get back in the garage.


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