03 December, 2013

The things we do for love….

I am painting at the moment but not the kind of thing I usually paint! I am helping the year 8 children at the local school paint a sleigh that is to form part of a Xmas float! It is time consuming but hilarious. Do you know how much mess red paint makes when mixed with a bunch of kids?….a lot! I have loved listening to the conversations that have passed amongst them as they have worked. The best comment today was from a girl who was rinsing the metallic silver paint off her brush in a bucket of water. "Look, I am sure this is what unicorn blood looks like" indicating the silvery sheen on the surface of the water. Brilliant. And yes, I am sure it does.

I am also trying out new paints in an attempt to become less toxic but have not found the consistency that I like. I struggle with paint that is too creamy…I like it thicker as I work with my palette knife quite a bit and enjoy texture. The answer came in the form of cold medium wax. Added to the paint in equal parts, it becomes a buttery, icing like format that, frankly, made me squeal when I started smearing it across the canvas.

But no painting till the sleigh is done and that is a few more days now.

The sunsets have been taunting me……pretty, no?

Yes, I will paint it as a landscape soon!

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