19 May, 2014

I wrote a bit about painting

I was approached to write an article for an online magazine called " Life as a Human". I was asked to contribute an article about my art or something of that nature. Essentially, share something about my art that was readable!

I thought about what it was I should to write and then ignored that and wrote down what I would want to read! I decided to write a bit about my personal  painting process. It is still an evolving process, but it is a subject I find myself drawn to with other artists. I love reading how other creatives behave and the way they structure their approach to painting. For some it is a specific routine, for others a sudden urge, but for the most part, their experiences echo my own. Just show up in the studio and start. Start anything, just start. Showing up is half the problem!

If you want to read it, please follow this link http://lifeasahuman.com/2014/virtual-art-gallery/sway/

And so this got me to internet trawling and I listened to some amazing talks on creativity and read some  clever quotes , read some interesting interviews and watched some videos of artists in action. Then I had to stop wasting time and just get on with it and write! I showed up, stumped up with my thought and now I have something that I can review in a few years time and see what( if anything) will change in the way I approach my painting process.

It was an interesting experience in a good way. I have become quite mindful of the process and that mindfulness is paying off with a series of paintings that have all evolved from one experience.

But right now, I have to stop this writing experience and collect kids from school, feed them and take them to hockey practise, feed them again and do homework with them and then feed them again. Just as well I love cooking or all this feeding would be a problem. BOYS!

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