29 August, 2014

The week that was

Here is some evidence of the things I have been up to:

I delivered this ( one of 5) to The Art Sale, to be held 5-6 September in Hamilton

Bought myself these and they make me happy

Took him to A&E because he has sprained a finger and knee. We thought they might be broken. Shew!Hobbit feet!

Started this.....

...and it turned into this.
I liked the start so much, I started this....

..and left it here.

This was a demo of a quick start for Eve.

Bad photo, but this is where it is at now.

I am listening to the new Broods album, Evergreen, and Angus and Julia Stone's latest album. Clearly it's a brother-and-sister band week.  Funny how stuff like that happens, sometimes.

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