18 October, 2014

Podium position

I won a prize! Well, that's a lie, I came third but I feel like I won! I entered a small exhibition  called " Arts for Health" . It is run by a local mental health charity, Arts for Health,Community Trust who run art programmes and offer creativity as a recuperation service. The exhibition is held at David Lloyd Gallery and I exhibit there , so I wanted to support the cause and help attract viewers to the charity.

I took some friends with me .We had attended the opening of a creative collective called Story earlier that evening and were moving on to the exhibition. I had forgotten about the competitive element to it and was just trying to whizz round and see all the works before I dashed off to watch my youngest play his first basketball game.Ever.Someone rang a fork on a glass and the chatter settled . I was actually on my way out the door when an efficient gentleman shepherded me back in.

Third prize and praise from the judges! I struggle with spotlight attention . My vision goes blurry and I seem to get blinkered, sound goes fuzzy and all I can feel is panic.I hope I was gracious, but I think I was surprised enough that I had not time to freak out.

I went to watch the basketball game and sat next to one of my 10 year old sons friend, Max. I could not contain my excitement. " Hey, Max" I shouted in his ear (noisy basketball court). "I won a prize for my painting"
Big grin from him" I thought you won prizes all the time!Right on!"
Coolest kid in the world.

So, as my father says, onwards and upwards.

30 x 30 cm
oil on canvas

The winner was John Tilling with his intricate Ink on paper work titled "Mass produced art".It was a deserved winner.
Ps. Exhibition is open sat 18-sunday19 Oct 10 am till 4 pm, 78 lake Crescent, Hamilton, David Lloyd Gallery.

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