25 July, 2015

Adventures in Africa

I am in a borrowed studio, improvising when I find I have forgotten something, revelling in the new subject matter. The light is amazing!

I am wearing out my phone battery with the number of photos I am taking and I have to buy a new sketchbook already. I am too scared to open the iCloud in case I swamp my family's devices( we all share a cloud. I thought it was a good idea until I realise I hog all the memory space.sorry sorry).

Anyways, today I went to Stellenbosch and took a gazillion( actual number) of photos and sketched in my favourite al fresco cafe in the whole wide world, The Katjiepiering ( roughly translates to The Gardenia) at the Stellenbosch Botanical Gardens. That place is a treasure and has a place in my heart. I totally eavesdropped a courting couple . I sat in a sunbeam. I drank tea . All by myself. Too fabulous.

Now I am back in the studio, easy to paint this afternoon.or maybe I will nap in a sunbeam!!!!

My borrowed surface.

My drying work

My warmup piece !

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Location:Somerset West,South Africa

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