09 January, 2016

Naseby Highway( for Rabbits)

I was delighted to receive a phone call  on Friday evening informing me I had won the Landscape category at the Aspiring Art Competion in Wanaka! I am so pleased because I really loved painting it and I hoped someone would love it as much and it seems a number of people did ..and better still, someone bought it! Double whammy!

I am off to Otago again soon to paint some more. As we speak, I am trying to whittle down my equipment to fit in my already edited luggage( due to bicycles taking up a lot of my luggage allotment). But I know I will do it because i Have done it before and at least I can post things back here! If I sell enough work, I am going to buy a section of land with a view , build a studio and paint until I am blue in my face! That's the plan, at least..........and maybe it will be in Naseby!

Naseby Highway(for rabbits)
oil on board
52 x 52 cm

1 comment:

  1. Well done on the Wanaka Landscape win. And thanks for your continuing generous and encouraging comments on my landscape photos. Cheers, Peter


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