10 April, 2016

World famous in New Zealand

It's a joke in our family when asked what our goal is( asked of any individual) that we reply " World Famous in (insert town name here)".
I am raising mu sights a little and am now going for the whole country( tongue firmly in cheek). Watch out, New Zealand.

"Cue fanfare, perhaps just trumpets."

I am delighted to tell you that I am now being represented by Gallery De Novo in Dunedin, South Island New Zealand.

I have been looking at South Island galleries, trying to find one that I would really like to work with and who presented art and artists in a way that I would like to be presented. It really is quite an important decision where to show your work and with whom you enter into a working partnership.I have been looking carefully.

I visited Dunedin and went an a gallery stalk, family in tow. This was a deliberate tactic. I visited all the galleries I had previously identified online and via word of mouth and then went in and had a good look at the work, the space, chatted to staff( if they even deigned to talk to me! I was dressed like a tourist!) and got a feel for the various galleries and their staff. Sneaky and totally worth it, but how else does one find out ?

Gallery De Novo was a standout.

I approached them and this painting now hangs in the window at 101 Stuart Street, Dunedin.

Hushed arrival

If you ask them nicely, they might also show you these other 4!

The Exit plan1

The Exit plan 2


  1. Don't forget you're famous in this part of North Wales too! 😉 Congratulations on the new gallery...it sounds perfect!

  2. Congratulations Jennie! Love "Inheritance" , I have so many images similar to that, they've always fascinated me.....


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