20 October, 2016

Church, washing line and dairy factory

Titling paintings is hard work.

Oil on board
40 x 120 cm

Church, washing line and dairy factory

Naming a painting, giving it a title, can be the saviour or the death of said painting.  I know of an instance when someone bought my painting because she thought the title was good.  So , conversely, someone might have chosen NOT to buy a painting because of a title. See where the dread sets in?

I almost called this "The Washing line between" I may still yet.

Here are the others I was mulling over.

Are we there yet?
Blue sky driving
The road out of town/the road into town

I would be delighted if you commented and left your own thoughts on the above titles. Feel free to suggest an alternative title.

1 comment:

  1. Three Horizons
    (a framework/methodology for business and innovation . . . "Gargle" it)
    Love it btw.


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