14 February, 2011

WTF happened to January?!

Sorry, but who stole January? Actually, I have been deep in the forests of Mommydom, playing wild things with my troll children and , frankly, enjoying myself enormously. We went camping(twice) and were chased home from camping(twice) by hurricanes/cyclones(not sure of the difference but please,do not enlighten me. I will forget all about it as soon as you do. Self knowledge). We went to movies, hung round home in PJ's all day, swam in the school pool,got really good at rip-sticking and I learned to shoot.O yeah. And I am good! But painting and small children do not mix. I tried. They just don't. So I set it all aside without resentment(I dug deep, folks) and gave myself over to them for their summer holidays. They are only 6 and 9 once...I am treasuring the time. Too soon they will be large louts who would have nothing to do with me!

The decor at the coffee shop on holiday.
Pelvis of a cow on slit logs and kindling

Another excuse is the renovations(yes, dear people, shudder as I say this) of my house. Dear Man now has a Man cave,there is a designated storeroom(no longer the guest bathroom invasion) and a super-large family room. This means I get a studio in a few weeks. My own space. Sigh. I am almost paralysed with anticipation! I am painting the walls a neutral beige(it is at present kid-friendly green) and then I can move in..but we are 2 weeks from completion and my house is still filled with tradesmen. I shall exercise patience and go sniff my paints in anticipation.

For now, I am painting the walls....................

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