09 February, 2012

More psycho cows

I know, more cows, but I seriously just needed to paint them today. Here's what I know about cows: they are very curious and quite difficult to photograph if you get too close to them because they all come too close to you...then get all skittish and freaked out and careen around paddock, eyes rolling, trying to get away.Psycho is not a reference to the colors!!! I once saw a cow, standing sadly in a paddock, waiting for the farmer to come free her from the ladder that was arranged round her neck like stocks. The ladder had been leaning up against the water tank and she had stuck her head through the rungs for a scratch. In the process, the ladder had swung sideways and oops.....she was stuck.it was funny in a " glad that's not me" kinda way.

I wanted to try a palette of magenta, permanent rose and their derivatives against a background of vivid green. Really like it and it is far more vivid in real life. My apologies for the quality of the photo,but my camera has gone on a rip to South Island with Charles and will no doubt be returning on Saturday with a new card full of scenes to paint.Like this , perhaps, courtesy of Trailzone Motorbike magazine, who posted it on their Facebook fan page.Till then, the iPad camera and my shaky hands will have to suffice

That is my husband, on a motorbike, in Lord of the Rings country.

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1 comment:

  1. Does acid rain make psychedelic cows?
    I love their purpleness. Plum job Jennie!


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