24 February, 2012

weekend indulgence

I have no formal art training. I think that might be my saving grace. If I had gone to art school, studied fine art at university (instead of archaeology!!) or graphic design, I might not be where I am today, painting my way.I think the way I learn is quite modern......student interest directed learning.If I had to paint in the modern fashion,I would be labelled a dismal failure, old fashioned and dated.Too many artists friends feel their artistic voice was stifled by the need for technical perfection or that their art practice and style was not the popular aesthetic of the day ( or the teacher!) and they compromised themselves in order to succeed.

I have a fabulous stash of magazines,my favorites being Southwest Art ,The Artist and the Australian Artist. I am going through them, revisiting some good articles and finding others that now have relevance to my art practice. I love reading about art and artists, why they create, how they create, their inspirations and techniques.I find something of interest in every article I read.

I do not know anyone in my area who paints like I do, so I rely on the Internet and publications for tuition and critique.There are wonderful workshops available but New Zealand is so far from any of the ones I really want to attend. I have recently ordered Herman Pekel's new DVD and one by David Curtis. I have made so many trips to the postbox that I am wearing a track through the grass!! Till then ,my magazines and books keep me going.

So this grey weekend, I am going to finish my knitting, bake a cake,visit the dAvid Lloyd gallery to see my friend Mark Taylor's photographs of his trip down the Amazon,read my magazines and give my brushes some TLC and a good wash.

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  1. That sounds a lovely way to spend a day - I hope it was! :D


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