04 July, 2012

Fish on red plate

I am painting with my new Silver Bristlon paintbrushes and really enjoying the crispness and control they allow me.

What is it about dead fish that appeals to me so much? Do I need therapy? Is it a subliminal message ( sleep with the fish is the only one I can think of!) from my ever intrusive sub-concious? I think it is the color and the form. I like
Linear forms . I loved the juxtaposition of them on this red plate! Now, how to cook them......

Oil on gesso'd hardboard


  1. . . .fishing for compliments !

  2. You have my compliments Jen!
    I absolutely love them on the red plate, it brings out the red in their eyes.

  3. Thank you! Today I painted landscapes...and felt like a fish out of water!!!


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