12 July, 2012

A walk round lake Ngaroto

What a lovely walk! 7 km of trail around a peat lake on a beautifully morning, crisp but clear. The winter's weak sunlight held no heat but the sky was a fabulous clear blue. It was incredibly still. The pondweed( the scientific name!) ranging from vivid green to dull rust was pretty but smelly.
Walk ended up with two wet boys( what were the chances!?!) and a lot of inspiration for future painting expeditions.


  1. That looks so similar to a walk we take by the river here...particularly the second one. (you can see some photos of it at night here http://mousybrownshouse.typepad.com/poised-to-take-flight/2011/01/two-winter-walks-one-weekend.html - thought I had more photos but I can't find them, think it gives an idea though!)

  2. You are so right! I looked at your photos...I even have one of my kids in a stick shelter just like yours were! It could be the same place.funny that......opposite sides f the world and it looks like home!

  3. http://slater.co.nz/blogs/slater-chartered-accountants/44066689-walking-waikatos-lake-ngaroto

    Here is an article showing recent work done at the Lake with some helpful information and pictures.


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